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I earned a BA in English from Cornell University in 1983, and a MA in Music from the University of New Hampshire in 1996.  There I specialized in vocal pedagogy and performance, and choral methods.  I studied with Kathleen Wilson and Susan Larson at UNH, with Marie Landis in New Zealand, Neil Semer in New York, and at a “Bel Canto, Can Belto” workshop at Penn State.


I taught my first students over 25 years ago.  My students have won prizes in competitions, held lead and supporting roles in musical theatre and opera productions, and auditioned successfully for college programs.  While such successes are exciting, my primary goal as your teacher is to help you find your unique voice, learn how to use it in a healthy way in multiple musical styles, and to feel comfortable and confident using it in whatever situation you want, professional or pleasure.


As a performer, I have worked in opera, as an oratorio soloist, in a cappella jazz groups, in bands performing bossa nova, country, and old-timey music , and in professional choruses both in the United States and in New Zealand.   Currently I perform as a freelance soprano, and sing and play bass with Kingston Ridge.


I founded and direct the Kingston Women’s Chorus, the Stonebridge Singers, and the Kingston Singers.  These non-auditioned groups are fun and a wonderful way for singers to share their love of singing, in harmony with others!


I am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and its local chapter, NJNATS. 

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