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individual lessons
Students learn the fundamentals of healthy singing technique in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute weekly lessons. By addressing a wide variety of music you will learn about technique, style and presentation in multiple musical genres.  You will learn how to use your voice in a healthy way for any style of music.  

My four-lesson trial will let you try out lessons so you needn't make a long-term commitment before you are comfortable with the process.

studio class
A monthly class where students perform in a low-stress, positive setting to gain practice singing before an audience and learn from each other's sharing.

group vocal instruction
Group classes are limited to 4 or 5 singers of similar age, and are structured in a way that allows for some individual attention as well as performance practice.  All students learn the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique, as well as some note-reading and ear-training skills.


opportunities to work with students of other instruments (eg., guitar, piano, strings) in jazz or chamber music  are organized several times a year and are a wonderful way to explore music-making with others.

The Foghorns - teens a cappella ensemble
This select ensemble focuses on a cappella music through the centuries and from around the world, from Renaissance motets and madrigals through to gospel, doo-wop, barbershop and pop and jazz arrangements.  

Megaphones – middle-school a cappella ensemble

 A training group where singers learn a cappella skills that prepare them for Foghorns and other groups.


Kingston Women's Chorus
This non-auditioned community chorus enjoys learning and performing a wide variety of music for women's voices in a fun and encouraging environment.  We rehearse weekly on Sunday evenings, learning music to present at concerts and community events.

Kingston Singers

This non-auditioned summer chorus prepares music to be performed with the Hopewell Orchestra.  Rehearsals are Tuesdays. 

summer camps
Summer camps focus on group and individual vocal instruction, acting games, music literacy and ear training, and a cappella harmony.

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